Inbound Marketing 什麼是搏來客行銷?


Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by customers. 是一種讓顧客自己找上門的行銷策略。

This sense is related to relationship marketing and Seth Godin’s idea of permission marketing. David Meerman Scott recommends that marketers “earn their way in" (via publishing helpful information on a blog etc.) in contrast to outbound marketing where they used to have to “buy, beg, or bug their way in" (via paid advertisements, issuing press releases in the hope they get picked up by the trade press, or paying commissioned sales people, respectively). 可說是一種「關係行銷」或是「許可行銷」,行銷者以自力挣得顧客的青睞,而非傳統廣告方式去拉顧客。

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